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Ki Warriors- The Shinobi Of Ki energy.

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Art Of Ninjitsu-Jutsu

- Helps you relax and aids you in energy Munipulation.


- Helps you relax and aids you in energy Munipulation.

Breathing is extremely important!!!
It is important to control your breathing when you use ki or meditate.
One way to breath is to put your tongue on the back of your top layer of your front teeth when you inhale, and simultaneously let your stomach push out, and do this slowly. Then hold it for about three long seconds, and exhale, slowly, but a little bit faster than you inhaled. As you exhale, let your stomach go in and put your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. It is important to never do this if you have any kind of breathing problems, or if the air around you is  unclean. It is also best to breathe through the nose, and exhale with the mouth, but do this as it is most comfortable to you.
There are many more ways to meditate, here are just a few.

Meditation is one of the most basic ways to store and draw ki. But that's not all meditation is useful for. Meditation can calm your mind and make you think clearer thoughts. There are many different ways to mediate but i'll tell you the ways i know.

This is a basic way to meditate.To begin sit on the floor of in a comfortable position and sit so your ankles are crossed and each hand one knee and close your eyes. As you breath in visualize the earth's energy going into you as a green glow at either the base of your spine and as you breath out visualize the energy moving into you Hara. And from there visualize it moving through your whole body relaxing you while it strengnths you. Continue for 7-10 minutes of until you want to stop.While you mediate ideas, things ,images will come up but just don't think about them and shortly they will go away. The mental state that you reach when you mediate you need to be able to access when you want to or feel the need to. This comes from a lot of meditation and practice.

Practice everyday
Meditation #2 

Here's another way that you can do meditation. Sit indian style(cross legged) and sit up strait. Now fully RELAX your MIND AND BODY. When you are totally relaxed focus on your dan tien and the energy from within it.Move the energy throughout your body, once you have your body full of energy start to draw energy from the earth and have it fill your body even more. This meditation powers you up. If you do this long enough you can power up to your max.I wouldn't recommend doing this for too long or you could go into burnout.
Meditation #3
This meditation is to clear your mind so that you can better control your ki.
Now to perform this meditation sit in a comfortable position and breath in through your nose and out your mouth. When you breath in your stomach should expand, and of course when you breathe out your stomach should go back to its normal posistion. Focus on your breathing, try not to think about anything, just focus on your breathing. Breathing like this helps to build internal power, which is of course your ki. So while this is a simple meditation which can be done almost anywhere, almost any time it is a valst a few.uable which should, but not neccesary for everyone meditation technique.
There are many more ways to meditate, here are just a few.

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