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Ki Warriors- The Shinobi Of Ki energy.

Art Of Ninjitsu-Jutsu
Art Of Ki Energy
Black Majik
White Magick
Art Of Jing
Art Of Mana
Art Of Psi
Ninjitsu-Weapon Use.
Astral Projection.
Other Topics.
Art Of Ninjitsu-Jutsu

A Jutsu is roughly translated to- The art of. Ive created some jutsu here, And there quite dangerous the first one shouldnt be attempted until your at an intermediate ki level, And the rest until your about advanced. Ive done every technique here with adleast minumal succes. They are made from Energy being directed from the hands and energy skills.

  • Rin - Strength
  • Pyō / Hyō - Channel
  • Tō - Harmony
  • Sha - Healing
  • Kai - Sense of Danger
  • Jin -Reading of thoughts.
  • Retsu - Control space and time.
  • Zai - sky or elements control.
  • Zen - enlightenment.
  • Those are pictures of them all.

Shikyaku no Jutsu (Four-Leg-technique)

Store Ki in your top half of your arm and your fists.
Store Ki in your calf and thigh muscles.
Store Ki in your thigh and feet muscles.
Do the Shunya Mudra To increase hearing.
Do Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin,Kai,Rin!
That should increase your strength and sense of danger.
Do the Dhyan Mudra To increase speed.


Do Zai,Pyō / Hyō,Zai,Pyō / Hyō,Zai,Pyō / Hyō,Zai,Pyō / Hyō,Zai,Pyō / Hyō.
Make a basic ki energy ball.
Make one shell, then another and another untill you've made 5.
Use your aerokinesis to spin the ball ^
Make your Aerokinesis Really strong so it spins unbelievably fast.
Then Shoot it well its still spining, Shoot it straight ---O
When you have impact stop pushing this way> And start spinning ^ That way,
causing it to dig inside of them.



Do Zai And hold it as long as possible. This will help you control elements.
Make a Ki ball.
Add 5 shells onto it. Except make them Electroshield
Summoning Lightning and send it to your Ki ball.
Keep making it, Adding more lighting, Then Shoot it.

Bunshin no Jutsu, Illusion cloning:

Do Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin,Jin Mudras
Create a telepathic link between you and your opponent.
Send them pictures through the link of there being more than one of you,
Tell them "theres hundreds of me all arounf you, your going crazy your not gonna win, Im in your mind" Through the telepathic link send them thoughts of there being more of you, then after a while it should start to work and they should go crazy.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu:
Hold Pyo Mudra for the whole time well you do this it allows you to channel energy.
Power up using a Ki flame. Fill your whole body full of Ki and move to the side 2 steps. You should now have a duplicate of yourself made out of Ki. It will remain until you stop concentrating on it. Your clones will only be made of energy and will not be visible to make them visible. Create a telepathic link with your opponent and say " Im in your head, We are in your head, Theres lots of me here, I am in your head your under my control, Surrender now" And send through the telepathic link show your opponent your Clones.
Goukakyuu no Jutsu-Fireball Jutsu:
Do Zai,Pyo,Zai,Pyo,Zai,Pyo,Zai,Pyo,Zai,Pyo,Zai,Pyo Mudras.

Gather a bunch of ki in your hands, now visualize your arms on fire and the fire going into the energy ball, then visualize electricity starting to form on the ball. Now Close your hands and keep charging it with energy then when you exhale let it go, Let the energy follow your breath so breath onto your hand well thrusting your hand.

Ill add more as i make them-