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Ki Warriors- The Shinobi Of Ki energy.

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Demon Square

You need 4 candles, all the same color. Make sure they will be able to burn during the entire ritual or whatever you're doing. The color should be something you identify with as power. Even though I'm performing a Dark ritual I usually use white candles. White represents light, and without light there could be no true darkness. The instant of creation was bright white and as we've seen in things like the explosion of the Atomic Bomb destruction can be a bright white as well.

Set the squares at the four corners of your majik space, your room, or something you want to confine in the protected space.

Ignite them going counter clockwise, calling out to a dark spirit for each candle (I'll list suggestions later)

If you have a particular entity like a guardian demon to call upon, do so while standing in the middle.

At the end of your rite, extinguish the candles in reverse order, thanking the entities for their help
Banishing Oil:
1/2 oz olive oil 15 drops pine oil 12 drops rue oil 7 drops pepper oil

10 drops peppermint oil crushed black peppercorns obsidian or black onyx

Some of these oils are volatile. Do not anoint yourself with Banishing

oil. You could burn yourself. Wash your hands after using.

Easier Banishing oil is crushed garlic in olive or base oil and pine needles left in the sun in a jar

for a day or so and strained through cheesecloth or a coffee filter.

Now it is time to teach you a very important and powerful Ritual called the
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram...

This ritual will surround and protect you with the power of the Almighty aspects of God and his Archangels. This ritual should be done every day in the morning and at the end of the day. Try not to do it right before bed , because it will energize you to where you won't be able to go to sleep. This ritual is exactly what it says... it banishes all spirits or influences good or bad that may be around you. It gives you an open channel to God with no interference! When you do this you are in the presence of God! So treat it with respect. After a period of time you will notice a difference in your life. You will have that Glow! It strengthens your Aura so that you are like a shinning sun. This ritual is also one of the first ones you would do after conjuring a spirit or using the Ouija board.
Now... Take your dagger and stand facing the east. Place the dagger in your right hand and follow the next steps.
1. Touch you forehead and vibrate the name (ah-tah).
2. Touch the dagger to your chest and vibrate the name (mahl-koot).
3 .Touch your right shoulder and vibrate name (Vih-G'boo-rah)
4. Touch your left shoulder and vibrate the name (Vih-G'doo-Lah)
5. Fold your hands at chest and point them forward with the dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate (Leh-Oh-Lahm)
6. Keep hands folded and point them up with dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate the word (Amen)
7. Stay facing the east and trace a pentagram as big as you can in the direction that the diagram below shows...
Start here at the bottom left hand corner... Imagine that as you trace this pentagram it is done in blue flame. So you now have a flaming blue pentagram. Thrust at the middle of the pentagram with the dagger and vibrate the sacred name (Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh)
8. From that point trace a single line in white fire to the South. By this time you should be facing south. Each time you trace a new pentagram, make sure that you are facing the direction that you are pointing in. Now that you are facing south, trace a pentagram in blue flame. Thrust at the middle and vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Doh-Nye)
9. Repeat this tracing your line to theWest. Thrust at the pentagram and vibrate the sacred name (Eh-Hehee-Yeh)
10. Repeat once again this time to the North.Thrusting once again vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Glah) Now trace a line back to theEast to finish off the circle.
***You now have 4 blue flaming pentagrams and a circle of white fire surrounding you.***
11 .Stretch your arms straight out to the sides and say...

Before me Ra-Fay-El behind me Gab-Ray-El at my right hand Mih-Chai-El at my left hand Ar-Ree-El around me flames the Pentagram within me shines the six ray star. Visualize theseArchangels standing a good 9 feet tall surrounding you. Believe me, they are there. Imagine seeing this six rayed star shining in the middle of your chest. This star is the Hexagram the same shape as the "Star of David".
12. Repeat steps 1-6 and you are done.
You are now protected by the Power of God and hisArchangels. All spirits that may have been around you are now banished. You are now in the presence of God. If you been conjuring up some type of spirit or have been using the Ouija board, you will want to use this ritual at the end of your Practices. This ritual should be done every day just to protect you and build up yourAura. There are psychic Vampires out there that looking to drain the energy out of the unepexting victim. This is a very simple ritual so memorize it, and do it well
Horned God Oil:

2 parts Frankincense
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Bay
1 part rosemary
1 part Musk

Mix in a small bottle.

Wear to honor the Horned God during rituals.

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