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Ki Warriors- The Shinobi Of Ki energy.

Art Of Ki Energy
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Art Of Ninjitsu-Jutsu

Force Craft is the art of using incantations and pure force of will to change things.

Terms for Beginners

Craft to English
aeros = air
bentidoct = empower
canoptis = growth
cryos = ice
dorise = empower yourself
emperoct = restore
geos = earth (energy)
hydros = water
liquentis = lava
luminoct = ignite or enact
maximos = ball
omni = all
omoptio = purify
reparo = self-repair
pises = psychic powers
pyros = fire
taura = earth (ground)
thundora = thunder
thundoris = storm

English to Craft
air = aeros
all = omni
ball = maximos
earth (energy) = geos
earth (ground) = tauras
empower = bentidoct
empower yourself = dorise
enact = luminoct
fire = pyros
growth = canoptis
ice = cryos
ignite = luminoct
lava = liquentis
psychic powers = pises
purify = omoptio
restore = emperoct
self-repair = reparo
storm = thundoris
thunder = thundora
water = hydros
Beginner Techs

(must visualize fire, works best if you are near a source of fire)
"omni maximos pyros luminoct

Fire Empowerment
(charges an item with fire elemental energy)
"omni betidoct pyros luminoct"

Heal Open Wound
"omni bentidoct pyros eperoct"

"omni maximos geos luminoct"

Earth Empowerment
(charges an item with earth elemental energy)
"omni bentidoct geos luminoct"

Strengthen - Energy
(temporarily fortifies your energy flow)
"omni bentidoct geos doriso"

Strengthen - Physical
(temporarily fortifies your body)
"omni bentidoct taura doriso"

(helps recharge your stamina and heals temporary weakness)
"omni bentidoct geos emperoct"

(causes a very minor earthquake)
"omni maximos taura bentidoct"

Soil Sacrament
(purifies soil and aids plant growth)
"omni taura luminoct canoptis

Psychic Empowerment
(opens third eye with air energy)
omni bentidoct thundora luminoct pises

Create Wind
"omni thundora luminoct"

(purifies the spirit)
"omni bentidoct thundora emperoct"
Basic Forcecraft Staff

Your staff will start out as a long branch. It is best to keep looking for one that really calls to you rather than just settling for one that you feel is OK. It should be big enough around that your thumb and middle finger can touch but not much more. It's okay to be a little bigger or smaller though. It should be around as tall as you, up to a foot longer or shorter depending on what you like. Carve off all the skin and bark with a knife. This part is important as the amount of effort you put in will not only bond it with you but also charge it with energy.

Once ready, sit Japanese style on your heels and hold the staff so the middle is resting on your legs. Begin visualizing energy flaming around the staff. Feel more and more power going through it.

Basic staffs are of one of the four basic elements. Chant the one appropriate for the element you want:

"omni betidoct luminoct. pyros omoptio, pyros pises. pyros bentidoct, pyros dorise."

"omni betidoct luminoct. geos omoptio, geos pises. geos bentidoct, geos dorise."

"omni betidoct luminoct. aeros omoptio, aeros pises. aeros bentidoct, aeros dorise."

"omni betidoct luminoct. hydros omoptio, hydros pises. hydros bentidoct, hydros dorise."
Mind Spells
Omni maximus neuro luminoct- mind force energy attack. Bassically a psychic attack.
Omni bentidoct neuro luminoct- fills object with the mind element
Omni bentidoct neuro luminoct dorise- empowers oneself with the mind element
Omni bentidoct neuro emperoct- mental healing
Omni bentidoct neuro omoptio- causes clear thought, purifies mind
Omni maximus neuro bentidoct- mental assault waves
Omni bentidoct neuro reparo- causes mental sanity, repairs mind damage

The Spirit Element
Omni maximus animus luminoct- spirit attack
Omni bentidoct animus luminoct- fills object with the spirit element
Omni bentidoct animus luminoct dorise- empowers oneself with the spirit element
Omni bentidoct animus emperoct- heals any wound, of any type
Omni maximus animus bentidoct- calls from help from the spirits
Omni bentidoct animus reparo- repairs anything, of any type

"omni maximos hydros luminoct"

"omni maximos hydros thundoris"

Sacrament Item
(makes an item sacred)
"omni bentidoct hydros luminoct"

Lava Spells

Omni maximus taura pyro luminoct- lava energy ball
Omni bentidoct taura pyro luminoct- fills object with the lava element
Omni bentidoct taura pyro luminoct dorise- empowers oneself with the lava element
Omni bentidoct taura pyro emperoct- heals weakness and wounds while strengthening
Omni maximus taura pyro aero bentidoct- causes volcano

Ice spells-
Omni maximus cyro luminoct- ice ball
Omni bentidoct cyro luminoct- fills object with the ice element
Omni bentidoct cyro luminoct dorise- empowers oneself with the ice element
Omni bentidoct cyro emperoct- cleanses spirit or heal with imagination
Omni maximus cyro bentidoct- causes hail

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