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Ki Warriors- The Shinobi Of Ki energy.

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What is Jing?
I've heard Jing described a whole lot of ways; it's super-Ki, it's cleansed Ki, advanced Ki, a whole different energy made out of Ki, and of course, condensed Ki.

It's a fair mix of those things. All Ki contains some amount of Jing, this is what allows it to have affects outside of the immediate vicinity of our bodies, however only a very small amount of Ki is Jing, which is why Ki has a tendency to break down if it's away from the body and you're not concentrating on it. The Jing in Ki is what makes Ki different from Mana; both are life energy but only one has that Force in it.

So where do people get the idea that it's compressed or condensed Ki? If you try to compress your Ki, you end up pushing out everything except the Jing. This makes Jing as a usable substance (like in a Jing Ball) both very powerful and very hard to control. It's 100% Force of Ki, but Jing isn't meant to exist like that. Much like the artificial elements scientists have created Jing is unstable in this state and will break down. This causes it to be somewhat volatile and there is a much greater chance of burnout while practicing with Jing.

How do I make Jing?
The best way to make a Ki Ball and compress it. I've found that the best way is to make a really big soft Ki Ball. I then make a hard layer around it using either Ki or Psi, depending on which I feel in the mood for. I then shrink this outer layer down until most of the Ki inside is crushed out. I then repeat the process by making a big Ki Ball again, this time around my little ball of Jing. This method takes lots of concentration but is the best method of creating a large amount of Jing. If you have trouble with that one then try just making a normal Ki Ball and just keep putting in more and more Ki but don't let it grow in size. This method will produce a ball which has lots of Jing and may even be mostly Jing, but creating a ball of pure Jing through this method is very difficult. Once you're experienced you'll be able to make Jing by continually flowing Ki down your shoulders and out your hands through your bones, using the rest of the Ki in your arms to squeeze the bones so tight that the Jing cannot pass through. This will leave your bones full of Jing. Always use any pure Jing you have inside your body as it's not good for you to keep it in that state.


Creating Jing - Internal
Make a ball of Ki in your torso. It doesn't need to be very strong, just big. It's best if you can fill your whole torso. Create a shell out of Ki or Psi either in your skin or just under it, which ever is easier. Shrink this shell down, crushing out the weaker energies until you have a little ball of mostly Jing. Expand the shell to the skin and fill your torso with more Ki. Crush again and continue until you have a ball about the size of a softball. The first several times you crush it to this size it will still only be partially made of Jing. Once it feels like you can no longer crush it to quite that size any more you know it's pure Jing, or pretty close to it. Some people say that this is easier if you crush when you breath out and fill when you breathe in. I've found the opposite to be easier and some of my friends say it doesn't matter. Try them all and see what works for you.

Creating Jing - External
To create Jing in between your hands, make a Ki ball about the size of a basket ball. Around it, create a shell out of Ki or Psi either in your skin or just under it, which ever is easier, though psi is generally easier when creating Jing externally. Shrink this shell down, crushing out the weaker energies until you have a little ball of mostly Jing. Expand the shell until your hands are around a foot and a half apart (the width of the keyboard in front of you is probably a good example), but try not to make your hands farther apart than shoulder width. Fill the ball with more Ki. Continue crushing and filling just like the internal tech.

Jing Ball
Obviously the external tech makes a Jing Ball automatically. Jing is very volatile, so while still learning how to use it you should be careful and keep it in a shell. When you go to move the jing out of your torso and into your chest, split it into two smaller balls or streams, one for each arm. Make sure to visualize the shell you use to make it wrapping around the Jing as it travels to your hands as you do not want to leak Jing, particularly into your joints such as the elbow. Once in your hands, re-shell it. As you get better you'll only need to shell the palms of your hands as a precaution and keep the Jing balled with willpower and visualization. Ultimately you won't need any shelling except in the creation process, and you'll be able to safely transport Jing and create a Jing ball with only visualization and will.


Jing Blast
Create Jing whichever method you prefer. Hold your hands so your wrists are touching and your palms are open (so your hands make a < shape). Getting into that possition after making the Jing externally. If you made your Jing internally, make the Jing Ball now and shell it. Visualize Ki moving into your arms and shoot a quick burst of Ki out of your arms so it shoots the Jing Ball. While it is possible to use more Jing to shoot the Jing Ball, it is dangerous, difficult, and ultimately pointless as the launching energy doesn't ever hit the opponent.

Jing Flame
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart like you would for a Ki Flame. Create Jing. If you make Jing externally you will need to draw it in through your hands and reform the Jing Ball in your chest. Holds your arms straight up and then shoot your elbows down like you're doing a pull up. When you do this yell "HA!" and explode the Jing outward. This will super-charge your aura, chakras, and energy flow, and has an effect much like lentation but does so without the adrenaline.

Jing Disk
Make a Jing Ball and hold it on one hand (this will take lots of practice). Once you can hold it in one hand, have your hand flat like you're holding a big platter. Visualize the Jing Ball spinning and flattening like pizza dough, making sure the shell around it flattens as well. You may throw this as you would a Ki Disk.

Jing Shield Attack
Create a Ki Shield, or use one you already have. Create Jing either in your chest or make it in your hands and move it to your chest. By using visualization, expand and hollow it so it surrounds your body like a Ki Shield, making sure it goes beyond the outside of the Ki Shield in place. Make sure to keep the shell around it. You should now have a three layer shield made up of a Ki Shield, a Jing Shield, and the shell for the Jing. Jing is very unstable like this and not good to use for a shield, however, when being attacked in close range you can knock the shell out of the way, making the Jing Shield explode (which is why you need the Ki Shield to protect you). I do this by keeping my arm attached to the front of the shell, so when I sweep my hand to the side it takes the shell with it, causing the explosion.

Half-Jing Beam
Create Jing and fill your arms with the Jing, either moved from your hands or your chest, depending on how you made your Jing. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Visualize a wave of Ki zooming up from you Tan Tien, pushing out the Jing in one long beam.

Jing Flame Punch/Kick
Create Jing enough Jing to engulf a hand or foot and use it to fill your fist (for punching) or foot (for kicking), allowing it to pour out into your aura. Attack your enemy with that part of your body and use visualization to explode the Jing outward when it hits them. This can hurt you very easily so use it only when truly necessary.

Full-Jing Beam
Create Jing and fill your arms with the Jing, either moved from your hands or your chest, depending on how you made your Jing. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Create more Jing, this Jing must be made in your chest. Visualize this Jing zooming out, pushing out the other Jing in one long beam made entirely of Jing.

Create multiple Jing Balls either in your arms or make them elsewhere and move them there. Make the Jing Balls in one arm positively charged (orangey-gold) and the Jing Balls in the other arm negatively charged (blueish-silver). Hold your arms out in any Ki Blast position and visualize the Jing Balls leaving your arms. The positive and negative Jing will try to spin around each other creating a screw. Visualize this screw zooming into your opponent.

Jing Kamehameha
Stand in whatever stance you use for a normal Kamehameha. Cup your hands to your side and make a Jing Ball in your hands. Create more Jing in your chest and use it to fill your arms. Once full, shoot the Jing out in a Jing Beam, shooting the Jing Ball at the end for a powerful attack.

Final Jing Flash
Get into a wide stance and put your arms out to the side so you look like the letter T. Create Jing and use it to fill your arms. Create more Jing and push that into your arms too until your arms can't hold any more. Bring your arms straight up so your fists touch and visualize a block in your wrists and make more Jing and visualize it filling your arms until they begin to shake with power. Bring your arms down to point at your enemy and visualize the blocks in your wrists vanishing so all the Jing in your arms shoots out quickly.

Dragon-Thrash Jing Attack
Create Jing and visualize your arm being filled with it in the shape of a Chinese Dragon. Pull your hand back and punch towards your enemy and visualize the Dragon shooting out of your arm. Visualize it going through your enemy like a Ki Dragon. Because of the nature of Jing this Dragon will be much more wild and uncontrollable than a Ki Dragon. They are often covered in spiky scales and will not only bite your enemy as it goes through, but will claw and rip as well.

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